Cortona, Etruscan Lucumonia

Cortona, located in the heart of the Chiana Valley, shows through its marvelous archaeological witnesses the extremely rich heritage left by the Etruscan civilization, which saw it prosper as one of the 12 main city-states within the League, as one of the Lucumonias.

The princely tombs of the necropolis of Sodo enable the visitor to get an insight of the funerary traditions of these fascinating people, and funerary accoutrements which were found during excavation campaigns, can be now admired within the Museum of the Etruscan Academy (the entrance ticket cost to the MAEC is not included in the tariff for this itinerary).

In the morning it is possible to book and foresee a stop at the archaeological site of the Sodo, in order to visit to the Tumulo II (Barrow II).

Itinerary type: Archeology