Loro Ciuffenna and the Parish Church of Gropina

A distinctive piedmont village, Loro Ciuffenna takes its name from the Ciuffenna water stream itself, which takes its rumbling course throw the rocks and the village. There are evident town planning traces of the mediaeval structure of this hamlet, as well as witnesses of the ancient exploitation of the water stream for production use, which can be seen both in the silk-mill and in the water mill, which is still today perfectly working.

The Town Hall of Loro Ciuffenna also houses the Venturino Venturi Museum, dedicated to this great artist of the 20th century, who was born here and who left a wonderful collection of his works of art, which unveil very strong bonds with these territories.

Not very far from this village is the parish church of Gropina, one of the most beautiful and suggestive Romanesque buildings of the entire province, which boasts an extremely rich decorative array, consisting in the sculptures of the capitals and of the fascinating pulpit.