Piero della Francesca and his Homeland

The itinerary starts with the visit of Sansepolcro, the artist’s hometown. One can admire the exterior of the house of Piero della Francesca, continuing with the visit of the Municipal Museum housing four among the most interesting works of art by this artist (the Resurrection, the Polyptych of the Misericordia [Mary of Mercy], St Julian and St Louis). One can proceed by reaching Monterchi to visit the Museum housing the renowned fresco of the Madonna del Parto, one of the most extraordinary representations of motherhood which history of art has ever preserved. In order to complete Piero della Francesca’s route, one should not miss the visit of Arezzo, and in particular of its Cathedral, preserving the fresco of St Mary Magdalene, a fresco painted by Piero della Francesca around the year 1460 and the Basilica of St Francis, where Piero della Francesca left his masterpiece, the Legend of the True Cross.

Itinerary type: Classics