Full Day Visit of Cortona

Full Day Visit of Cortona




Undoubtedly the most important center of the entire Valdichiana, Cortona presents itself to visitors as a treasure trove of art, culture and archaeology. The itinerary is competitively customizable according to preference, dwelling on one of the many aspects of interest.

The Cortona city tour can start from the top, with a visit to the Basilica of St. Margaret, and then continue on foot (we point out a section of unevenly sloping cobblestones; most of the route is paved), through the ancient city. Afterwards, we move to the city center to admire the Piazza del Comune, the splendid Palazzo Casali, medieval residence of the family of the same name and today home to the MAEC (i.e., the Museum of the Etruscan Academy of Cortona) and the beautiful Cathedral, not forgetting the Church of St. Francis, one of the first Franciscan churches built by Friar Elias, where you can admire the Annunciation by Pietro da Cortona and the important relic “The Redeeming Cross.” You can’t help but end your visit with a stroll down Via Nazionale, the ancient “Ruga piana” lined with alleys and breathtaking panoramic views, where you can find craft stores, antiques, art galleries and lovely cafes for some relaxation.

Wanting to visit the hermitage of Le Celle, one can reach it by bus only from Monday to Friday. On holidays and pre-holidays, buses must stop at a rest area, and it is necessary to walk about a kilometer to reach the site.

We also point out, not to be missed: the characteristic medieval houses on Via Jannelli and the “belvedere” over Lake Trasimeno from Piazza Garibaldi, a natural terrace where the eye can really travel far.

Cortona is one of the oldest cities in Etruria, so we invite you to stay a full day to get a chance to breathe the air of a charming town where time seems to have stood still. For this we recommend the archaeological area where it is possible to admire the “melons,” or Etruscan tombs including one equipped with a monumental altar (free admission, reachable by bus).

The proposed itinerary can be further customized according to one’s interests, for example, by including one of the city’s two main museums: the aforementioned MAEC, which preserves the famous “chandelier” and the TabulaCortonensis, or the Museo Diocesano, which preserves, among others, works by Beato Angelico and Luca Signorelli.

The cost of admission tickets is not included in the fee charged for the itinerary.

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